How do I program the Portman GPRS modem?

To program the Portman GPRS modem you must have installed the Portman programming application (click "Related Download" link) on your computer. You will need to have at least one serial com port on your computer and a standard RS232 9 pin male to female serial cable.

1. Install the Portman programming software on you computer.

2. Connect your RS232 serial cable to the com port on your computer and the other end to the serial connection on the Portman modem then apply power to the modem

3. Locate the little black button on the side of the modem with all of the Molex jacks. Press and hold it for approx. 2 sec. This will cause the modem to cut power until the button is released.

4. After releasing the button, immediately launch the Portman programming software. Wait for the software to connect to the modem and opens the programming interface.

5. Fill in the information for the "Device ID", "APN", and in either UDP or TCP (not both) the IP address and port number to where GPS data will be sent (usually IP address of computer running the RASTRAC IOP). This information is the minimum required to enable the modem to get on the GPRS network and communicate with RASTRAC.

6. Fill in the desired parameters on all other pages in the programming software to your likeing.

7. When all information has been entered and your ready to program the modem click on the button towards the bottom of the window labeled "Apply All".

The program will write all parameters entered into the software to the modem. Some fields require a check mark next to them before they will be applied. Pressing on the "Apply" button will cause the software to write only the page currently being viewed. "Request" and "Request All" work the same way except instead of sending parameters to the modem, they will pull them from the modem and is a good way to verify programming.

The button labeled "Save" allows you to save the configuration somewhere on your computer so that you can retrieve it with the "load" button to either check programming in a specific modem or to program another modem identically after changing the "Device ID" in the "User Detail" page.

The "Initialize All Data" button on the "User Detail" page will erase the entire configuration in the modem. Be careful with this one.

When finished programming the modem, press the "Exit PC Setup" button and click "OK" to close the application.


  1. "Server Error: vehiclename does not support the 'vehiclecommand' command."
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  132. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with a RELM or GPS2020 unit?
  133. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with a SMS base modem?
  134. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with a WebTech (GPRS) unit?
  135. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with an Antx Messenger modem?
  136. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with an OBDII Plug-n-Play modem?
  137. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with an Orbtech Insider (GPRS) unit?
  138. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with Mentor XGate?
  139. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with multiple ids (dual mode) in the same vehicle (e.g. Skywave satellite and VT3500 GPRS)?
  140. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with my Enfora GPRS unit and a Garmin device with FMI
  141. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with my Enfora GPRS units with SMS?
  142. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with my Enfora GPRS units?
  143. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with my Enfora modem?
  144. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with my Portman GPRS units?
  145. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with my Trimble TrimTrac units with SMS/GPRS?
  146. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with the AEIT ICU (Malaysia)?
  147. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with the Aeris Network (Satronics, Ayantra)?
  148. How do I set up RASTRAC to work with the GT06 modem?
  149. How do I set up the In Vehicle Control Buttons to work with my Pyramid setup
  150. How do I setup Kenwood Fleetsync for messaging AND GPS tracking, using the KGP-1A GPS modem?
  151. How do I setup Kenwood Fleetsync for messaging and GPS, using an embedded GPS card?
  152. How do I setup my T310 to work with a P210 MDT?
  153. How do I setup RASTRAC to work with my Aztech Hybrid (Skywave/GPRS) modem?
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  160. How do I setup Rastrac to work with my IPMobilenet devices?
  161. How do I setup RASTRAC to work with my Orbit One (OrbiTRAX-SX1) Globalstar satellite modem?
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  163. How do I setup RASTRAC to work with my SANAV (San Jose Navigation) modem?
  164. How do I setup RASTRAC to work with my ST200 (SA200, ST910, and ST50 MDT) modem?
  165. How do I setup RASTRAC to work with my VascoTrack GPRS modem?
  166. How do I setup RASTRAC to work with the Sierra Wireless AVL modem.
  167. How do I update CalAmp firmware using HyperTeminal?
  168. How do I use a RS232 "splitter" cable to diagnose RS232 comms?
  169. How do I use Kenwood's Fleetsync protocol with RASTRAC and/or my KGP-1A modems?
  170. How do I use the "P310PROG" to program my P310 or P301 MDT
  171. How do I use the Amseco ODC-56A Overhead Door Contact with a wireless tracking device, such as the Enfora MT-GL?
  172. How do I use the DSC BV300DP PET-IMMUNE PIR MOTION SENSOR with a wireless tracking device, such as the Enfora MT-GL?
  173. How do I use the Net960CE (P320) MDT to do DOT logging?
  174. How do I use the OMEGA EWS-TX TEMPERATURE SENSOR with an Enfora MT-G modem ADC input?
  175. How do I use the OncQue RBS151100 Tilt Sensor with a wireless tracking device, such as the Enfora MT-GL?
  176. How do I use the Terminal program to control and observe the R210 modem RS232 interface
  177. How do I view my Motorola (i.e. i58, i88, i730, i830, i860, etc.) phones software version?
  178. How do I wire my TrimTrac for 12V operation?
  179. How do I wire the TTU-1200 TTU-1210 Trailer Tracking Unit?
  180. How do the Inputs on the WebTech GPRS unit operate?
  181. How does the DOT Logging application satisfy all requirements set forth by DOT
  182. How does the Enfora MTG-L operate?
  183. How does the ignition sense work on the Topp SkyPatrol Units?
  184. How long can I make a message that I send TO the P301 or P310 mobile data terminal?
  185. How long does it take for an individual data transmission to occur ?
  186. How many characters can I send to the display of the P210 MDT when it's connected to a T410 CDPD Modem?
  187. How many characters can I send to the mobile printer?
  188. How many updates can be sent to or received from my mobile GPRS Device without exceeding my 1MB or 5MB Data Account?
  189. How much power does tth Enfora MT-Gu power consume?
  190. How often will the vehicle modem transmit? Can I control how often data is transmitted ?
  191. How should I configure my LMExchange program to work with my Technocom FreeWave LMU
  192. How should I connect my Kenwood KCT-34 cable to my Kenwood 80 series radios?
  193. How should I install the Kenwood KCT-31 cable into my 80 series radios?
  194. How should I program my Enfora Spider MT-G modem to work with RASTRAC?
  195. How should I program my Enfora Spider MT-GL modem to work with RASTRAC?
  196. How should I set up RASTRAC to work with the Kenwood 80 series radios using one com port for messages and GPS?
  197. How to configure a P320CE (Net960CE) to auto-execute the P320CE.EXE application:
  198. How to determine the radio band frequency of an Enfora MT-G
  199. How to I set the time on my MDT when using it with an R210?
  200. How to install the SIM card into a Webtech Wireless T3000?
  201. How to Program up an Enfora MTGx modem to provide dial up internet access.
  202. How to recover a Net960CE-S that has a bad application on it that "locks it up"
  203. How to Setup Automatic VPN Intiation in the Kore Wireless Cisco VPN Client Software
  204. How to test a diode with an ohmmeter
  205. How to use the HW-Group Temp-232 digital thermal sensor with an Enfora MT-GU modem
  206. I am only tracking with my Kenwood KGP 1-A and B modems (no FleetSync). How should I set up the com ports in the radio data file?
  207. I am receiving a message stating "The upgrade package targets a different product. .The application will exit." When trying to update a MT-GL's firmware What should I do?
  208. I can't get my KGP-2A modems to communicate with the KPG-73D software no matter what I do.
  209. I can't get my Pyramid modem to work with RASTRAC even though it will work with the Pyramid DOS program. Why?
  210. I can't get these Kenwood version 2 radios to "key up" with my Kenwood KGP 1-A and B modems.
  211. I can't locate my OBD II how can I find it?
  212. I have no communications with my Skywave Inmarsat D+ modem! Help!
  213. I need a 3-WATT CDPD unit. What is available?
  214. I need specs on the IQEE (IQ Event Engine) protocol that's used in the T310 and T320 modems. Gimme!
  215. I need to get a VoiceStream account for the CrossCheck. What do I tell them when I get this set up?
  216. I programed my new T412 exactly the same way that I always do but it won't link or register to the CDPD network.
  217. I provide my own SIM Cards.
  218. I selected "Kenwood KGP" and then clicked "Properties" in the IOP "Edit...Configuration" and it said "Com Port not Enabled. Unable to access Kenwood setup." What is wrong?
  219. I would like to increase the number of vehicles in my fleet. What will my upfront investment be?
  220. I'm getting duplicate statuses and positions because I'm on a radio system with more than one tower. How do I eliminate these duplicates?
  221. I'm having "hot radio" problems because RASTRAC is constantly polling all of the vehicles. What's wrong?
  222. If I switch my Kenwood KGP base modem out for a different one, will it just plug and play?
  223. If my Net960CE (P320CE) DOT MDT is turned off, will I lose my current driving status?
  224. Interfacing to a Kenwood KCT-22 cable
  225. Interfacing to a Kenwood KCT-31 cable
  226. Invalid Hardware Key installed for this version of RASTRAC. Contact Technical Support.
  227. IOP special commands for send message
  228. Is there a way to make the R210 TX signal amplitude larger into the radio?
  229. It's just a modem. Why does it cost so much more than my modem at home?
  230. List of reasons from an Antx AVL modem that can trigger an alert in RASTRAC
  231. My Enfora Spider MT-G seems to be going into some kind of a "low Power" mode. How do I turn this off?
  232. My Kenwood trunking radio and R210 or KGP1 mobile does not report if the mobile radio is in scan mode. Why?
  233. My KGP1 modem (a mobile KGP-1A in this case) locks up the trunking radio when I connect the KCT-20 to the radio. Help!!!!
  234. My KGP1 modem (a mobile KGP-1A in this case) locks up the trunking radio when I connect the KCT-20 to the radio. Help!!!!
  235. My MDT will not show incoming messages that the R210 gets from the base. Why?
  236. My Net960 P320 MDT will not receive any messages from the base fleetsync radio!
  237. My R210 blew its fuse and won't power up now, even when I replace the fuse. What's wrong?!!!!!!
  238. My R210 modem can't get a trunk channel, but my voice microphone can key up fine. Why?
  239. My T310 Crosscheck Amps Cellular modem seems to be incompatible with the modem in or connected to my computer.
  240. My T410 CDPD modem has quit working. The power LED is the only LED on. Why?
  241. My T410 does not work properly. Only the "Power" LED is lit. What is wrong?
  242. My vehicles are not at the right place on my specially translated map. What's wrong?
  243. My vehicles often go out of the range of our radio transmissions. Can I set up the system to automatically report in and give the vehicle history once it comes back into range?
  244. My VT3500 is sending its messages over the cell connection, but the RASTRAC IOP receives them in two (or more) split-up UDP messages, and ignoring them. Why?
  245. Net960CE (P320CE) DOT: What to do if the MDT doesn't respond to a new DOT status
  246. Pin Definitions for the P310/P301 Programming Cable
  247. Problem with Enfora MT-GU or MT-UL modems acquiring GPS.
  248. Procedure for building a cable for R210 to Kenwood TK 690 radio
  249. Procedure to build a cable for a T412 to a P310/P301 MDT
  250. Programming text file for the Trimble GSM CrossCheck (T320)
  251. R210 Terminal command: DEBOUNCE
  252. R210 Terminal command: LOGRATE definition
  253. R210 Terminal command: LOGSLOT definition
  254. R210 Terminal command: MYCALL definition
  255. R210 Terminal command: SPEED definition
  256. R210 Terminal command: TDMARATE definition
  257. R210 Terminal command: TDMASLOT definition
  258. R210 Terminal command: TRKDLY definition
  259. R210 Terminal command: TRMax definition
  260. R210 Terminal command: TRSEnse definition
  261. R210 Terminal command: TRSTyle definition
  262. R210 Terminal command: TRUnk definition
  263. R210 Terminal command: TXDELAY definition
  264. Report Rate
  265. Richburg GPS 2020 Molex 9 Pin Connector
  266. Setting up a Notification from an Event on the Web
  267. Sierra Wireless MP881W firmware instructions.
  268. Sierra Wireless MP881W Watcher Installation Instructions
  269. Simplified version Enfora MT-UL MT-GU wiring instructions and information.
  270. SkyPatrol Evolution Programming Script
  271. SkyPatrol Evolution Programming Script SMS Only
  272. skywave dmr200 pinout
  273. Spider MT-G I/O Pin Definitions And Event Code Descriptions As They Relate To RASTRAC.
  274. TeraTerm BlueTree Programming Script
  275. The FleetSync and KGP's use different ID formats. How do I keep these straight?
  276. The R210 doesn't respond to "Get Position." How do I figure out what's wrong?
  277. The Set Configuration time "no more often than" setting is the same for logging and reporting. Why?
  278. Topp Skypatrol TT8030 Modem programming script
  279. Topp Skypatrol TT8030 event codes and reasons for sending them.
  281. Using an Enfora MT-G, MT-GL, MT-Gu or MT-uL as a base modem.
  282. What "Events" does the T410 send when you trigger the Input lines?
  283. What accumulators do the CalAmp units use in Rastrac?
  284. What antennas can I use with the CalAmp LMU-4200 WiFi units?
  285. What are FleetSync status messages
  286. What are the events for CalAmp script 0.1?
  287. What are the LEDs on the CalAmp units and what do they mean?
  288. What are the Net960CE-S (P320CE) pinouts?
  289. What are the Net960CE-S manual reset key combinations?
  290. What are the P320 (Net960) Pinouts?
  291. What are the the pin funtions of the Enfora CDPD modem I/O Port and how do I trigger the inputs?
  292. What cable do I need to connect the KGP-2A to my radio?
  293. What command should I use to configure the APN in the Enfora Spider MT-G for my GPRS service provider?
  294. What commands can I send over the air to a CalAmp unit?
  295. What do I do if I have run out of serial ports on my computer?
  296. What do I need to specify for my Cingular 1MB GPRS account to work?
  297. What do the buttons on my Enfora Mini-MT model 2228 do?
  298. What do the DIP Switches do on the OM-200 mobile printer?
  299. What do the LED's on the Enfora Spider MT-G mean.
  300. What do the LED's on the SkyPatrol Evolution mean?
  301. What do the LEDs indicate on my Portman Modem?
  302. What do the LEDs on the TrimTrac mean?
  303. What does a GPS2020 "ERROR TYPE 2" mean?
  304. What does the default Airlink CDMA script mean?
  305. What does the unit sound like when it "talks" ?
  306. What event codes are used by the VT3500 rev2?
  307. What Events are sent by the CalAmp Units?
  308. What events are sent when the WebTech unit gets an ignition on or off?
  309. What events are sent with the statuses in PocketRASTRAC?
  310. What Garmin features does Rastrac support?
  311. What Garmin units can I use with Rastrac?
  312. What information do I need from the customer to give to a contract installer?
  313. What is the battery capacity of my CalAmp device?
  314. What is the function of the "Get Fleetsync Status" button?
  315. What is the pinout for the Kenwood KGP1A ACC2 port? I want to use input sensors or output controls!!!
  316. What is the pinout of the P301 RS232 DB9 jack?
  317. What is the warranty on my FLEETWARE Modem and where do I go for warranty service?
  318. What kind of account do I need to use the Topp SkyPatrol unit with T-Mobile?
  319. What part numbers do I need for a CalAmp Programming Cable for LMU-910 or LMU-1210?
  320. What part numbers do I need for a CalAmp Programming Cable for TTU-700?
  321. What port does PocketRASTRAC use?
  322. What S-registers for the CalAmp units do I need to check?
  323. What settings do I need in my IOP to use a Garmin Device with my CalAmp units?
  324. What SMS messages can I use with the CalAmp Units?
  325. What special events do the CalAmp OBDII LMU-3000 send?
  326. What statuses are used by Kenwood FleetSync or NexEdge radios for outputs?
  327. What type of power supply is required for the modem and radio ?
  328. What type of RFID card is used with the RFIdeas Air ID reader/writer?
  329. What types of hardware devices does RASTRAC support?
  330. What voltage can the CalAmp LMUs handle?
  331. What's the pinout of the OM-200 mobile printer serial port?
  332. When I set the R210E's speed limit at 68 mph, it triggers at about 58 mph and keeps sending events every 3 seconds. What's this about?
  333. Where can I measure the TX and RX modulation on the R210?
  334. Where in the vehicle should the vehicle modem be installed?
  335. Why can I send messages from my MDT to the base computer via a T410 modem, but I can't send from my computer to the MDT?
  336. Why cant my Kenwood TK-880 send data from my modem out on a data channel?
  337. Why do I get an error whenever I try to program my Skypatrol TT8030 (T470) with it's conditioned Access Code?
  338. Why do I show a low battery percent remaining in my CalAmp TTU-700?
  339. Why do Upper case letters sent over TechnoCom unit (T411 or T420) connected to P301 MDT display as lower case letters when received by RASTRAC?
  340. Why does the message light blink on and off when I push the clear key on my MDT?
  341. Why don't I get a message sent ack on my MDT connected to an Enfora Spider MT modem?
  342. Why won't my CDPD base modem connect to the network?
  343. Why won't my T410 accept a "Set" command to change its auto-report rate?
  344. Why wont my modem connect to my Trimble Crosscheck?
  345. Will bad weather affect GPS?
  346. Will my XM Satellite radio interfere with the GPS signal?

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