How do I setup RASTRAC to work with my Skypatrol TT8850 modem?

Go to your IOP Edit... Configuration... and set "Hardware/Interface" to "UDP Network" (TCP/IP is also supported - SMS is not supported at this time) and "Protocol" to "Skypatrol".

For UDP click the "Properties" button under "Hardware/Interface" and enter the modem's GPS UDP port and create port to the port used by the modem (e.g. 1400).

Go to RASTRAC Vehicle... Settings... and add the vehicle id of the unit being tracked (usually the IMEI). You may also need to set up a password for certain over the air commands.

The following events are generated by the modem: 399 SOS (emergency) update, 413 external power supply disconnected (EPF), 414 external power supply connected (EPN), 421 power up (PNA update - no location), 422 power down (PFA update - no location), 424 low internal battery (BPL update), 427 stopped moving (NMR update - 0, 428 started moving (NMR update - not 0), 430 for location by call (LBC) update, 431 for first location after power up (PNL), 432 ignition and moving (STT update - 21), 433 ignition and stopped (STT update - 22), 434 no ignition and moving (STT update - 41), 435 no ignition and stopped (STT update - 42), 436 unknown motion state (STT update), 439 started charging (BTC), 440 stopped charging (STC), 441 PDP connection reset (PDP), 442 internal antenna (ANT), 443 external antenna (ANT), 444 speed outside of range (SPD), 445 speed inside range (SPD), 446 geofence 0 reporting deactivated (SWG), 447 geofence 0 reporting activated (SWG)450 successful ack (+ACK) response, 458 for set current location geofence 0 function key (GCR update), 499 ack failed response (+ACK), events 701-708 are geofence violations (4 geofences supported) - odd number for inside and even number for outside (701 inside zone 1, 702 outside zone 1, 703 inside zone 2, ... 707 inside zone 4, 708 outside zone 4).

The internal battery value (0-100 percent) is stored in the Aux. Battery field. The report id is stored in the custom 5 field (geofence updates (GEO) will be the geofence zone number (0-3 not 1-4) or the antenna (ANT) indicator (0 internal or 1 external)). The report type will be stored in the custom 6 field (movement updates (NMR) will store the reason (0 stopped moving and 1 started moving), speed update (SPD) (0 outside range or 1 inside range), geofence (GEO) (0 outside fence or 1 inside fence), motion update (STT) (21 ignition and motionless, 22 ignition and moving, 41 no ignition and motionless, 42 no ignition and moving), geofence 0 mode setting (0 disabled, 1 enter, 2 exit, 3 either), geofence 0 state reporting (0 deactivated, 1 activated)). The device name will be stored in the Driver ID field.

All '+ACK:' messages and unknown response messages (0x0004) updates will be sent to RASTRAC in the text message field.

Heartbeat (ping) message updates will be acknowledged by the IOP but will not be processed in RASTRAC.

The following commands can be sent to a unit over the air by using 'Send Message' from the Vehicle...Communication & Control... dialog window. To send one of these commands, enter the text EXACTLY as it's shown below (without the " " characters). Also, see article 1216 for other special commands.

"get position" request current location (same as Get Position but can be used in a text link)
"+AT..." (any command starting with +AT gets sent directly to the modem)

The IOP will convert the above text messages (backdoor commands) and send the specially formatted data command to the vehicle unit over the air. See Queclink documentation for details on over the air commands.

RASTRAC supports the Get Position and over the air commands (+AT...).

Only the ASCII version of updates is supported (the binary update format is not supported at this time).

IMPORTANT! Setting auto report rates incorrectly can cause your units to report at a very-high rate which may cost you lots of $$$$ in cellular service bills. If you are not sure what report rate to use, contact your Dealer or Manning NavComp, Inc. technical support (

Version 7.1 JUL2011.

Input/Output Processor ( IOP )

  1. "Error sending message to I/O Processor for <vehiclename>. Select a valid 'Talk Mode' in 'Vehicle... Settings...'."
  2. "I/O Processor was not added to the list. Only 'maxnum processors' are allowed."
  3. "IOP access denied! serialnumber does not have access to the IOP."
  4. "IOP Error: Command ignored. Invalid TELCO MIN. Check Vehicle Settings for proper TELCO MIN setup."
  5. "IOP Error: Command is not supported by the I/O Processor."
  6. "IOP Error: Failed to process the 'vehiclecommand' command for vehicleid. Try again."
  7. "IOP Error: vehiclename does not support the 'vehiclecommand' command."
  8. "IOP Error: vehiclename does not support vehicle history download."
  9. "Only one I/O Processor connection allowed for this version of RASTRAC."
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